Miss M.

“When I was in the Rehab Unit, I was starting to wake up and realised where I was and that people weren’t as well as me. I realised I had been in a car accident and had a brain injury. I couldn’t walk, I could just about talk very quietly. I really wanted to go home; I missed my family.

When I first got home I saw Rob from Think Therapy 1st 2 times a week. We concentrated on standing from sitting, getting dressed and arm exercises. This was a good start to my rehabilitation. In all honesty, I didn’t really enjoy it, I kept thinking why me?

I sat down with Rob and my physio’s and came up with the idea of doing a sponsored walk. This took a lot of organisation and a lot of the papers wanted to get involved. I was raising money for The Essex Air Ambulance. This took a lot of preparation; I set up my own facebook page and my just giving page. I sent lot’s of emails, I went to meetings, I did interviews with papers and radio stations.

20 months after my accident, I went on to do my sponsored walk. I walked 3 miles and raised over £4,000 for the Essex Air Ambulance. I understood that this was therapy and was getting me better in other ways not just physically.

Now 2 years after my accident I am volunteering at the British Heart Foundation shop. I am going to college once a week and am doing really well. I go to a local gym. I have lost 2 stone in weight. I also have my own bungalow living with mum and dad.

I am now working towards getting a paid job and going up a level on my college course. I would like to drive again. In my opinion, I believe that doing my sponsored walk it has given me the confidence boost I needed.”

East London

Mr D.

“Thanks for your input with my mother, I was really worried that she was going to have to go into a home, but with your help we are able to keep her in her house and we have sorted out her care and will keep up with the home therapy programme. if there are any changes I will get back to you. Thanks again”.

Local Authority

Mrs K.

“Thank you for all of your hard work on this project all of your therapists have been excellent and their high skill and ability has enabled us to provide an excellent seven day service for our patients.”


Mr Y.

“Thanks for your help with Dad, I can’t believe how quickly he is walking.”


Mr S.

Thank you for your help with my hand, after my accident I could not use it and the pain was awful. With your help and the splints you made I can now close my fist and the glove has helped me get back to work.”

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