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HELP - Holistic Education for Living with Pain

What is this?

HELP is a unique programme providing practical skills along with education to clients in the places they need and want to be in, eg. home, work, cafe, etc. 

The programme is up to 18 sessions over three months, which enables the individual to become an expert in managing their pain NOW and in the FUTURE. Although Think Therapy 1st are clear with the individual that this programme is about living their best life with the pain they have, one of the outcomes Think Therapy 1st are most proud of is individuals reporting a significant reduction in their pain experience following the programme. 

The infographic shows Think Therapy 1st results. These results are based on an older programme (which has just been updated) and even greater results are anticipated. Think Therapy 1st's new programme has been overseen by a pain expert who believes this programme is one of the most comprehensive approaches he has seen. 

The programme is delivered by a Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist (SROT) and includes a workbook the individual will have for life. The programme is based on three areas: the body, mind and environment. The individual will learn how pain is generated, and through this understanding, the SROT supports the development of strategies to reduce pain messages sent to the brain. Alongside this, functional sessions are used to complete activities such as accessing the community and household chores, providing opportunities to put this learning into practise. The final chapter creates an ongoing management plan that the individual can refer to in the future as needed.

Our Results! 

Below is some of the information covered in each chapter. The SROT will identify which parts to complete from the individual goals set during the first session and the client will have all these chapters which they can refer to as needed.

  • Brain Education
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Strategies such as planning, pacing, boom and bust activity. Identifying an optimum balanced day
  • Getting back into activity
  • Fatigue (cognitive, emotional, and physical)


  • Understanding the link between emotions and pain
  • Identifies feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, worry and stress and recognises how these increase pain sensation 
  • Development of strategies for each of these feelings using models of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassionate Mind and Acceptance therapy


  • The individual is taught how to complete environmental assessments and how to adapt their environments
  • Work-ready ability is discussed, and obstacles to returning to work or remaining at work are identified and problem solved

Our programme is MDT-based, and we can work alongside with professionals already in place or make recommendations and coordinate the MDT if that is required.

HELP - Pricing (The HELP Programme is a fixed term duration (12-18 sessions - up to 3 months) and we also MDT coordinate if required for the duration.)

HELP - Assessment (excluding travel costs*)  £1,545.00

HELP - Occupational Therapy Only 

HELP Occupational Therapy Only: 12-18 sessions with VR Headset  £6,995.00

HELP Occupational Therapy Only: 12-18 sessions without VR Headset  £5,995.00

HELP - Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy 

HELP: Occupational Therapy and Low Intensity Physiotherapy with VR headset  £7,995.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy and Low Intensity Physiotherapy without VR headset  £6,995.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy and Medium Intensity Physiotherapy with VR headset  £8,495.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy and Medium Intensity Physiotherapy without VR headset  £7,495.00

HELP - Occupational Therapy & Psychology 

HELP: Occupational Therapy and Low Intensity Psychology with VR headset  £8,495.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy and Medium Intensity Psychology with VR headset  £10,495.00

(Please note:  The VR Headset is integral to the Psychology component of HELP so it is not suitable to offer a programme excluding it) 

HELP - Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Psychology 

HELP: Occupational Therapy with Low Intensity Physiotherapy and Low Intensity Psychology with VR headset  £9,495.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy with Medium Intensity Physiotherapy and Low Intensity Psychology with VR headset  £9,995.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy with Low Intensity Physiotherapy and Medium Intensity Psychology with VR headset  £11,495.00

HELP: Occupational Therapy with Medium Intensity Physiotherapy and Medium Intensity Psychology with VR headset  £11,995.00

(Please note:  The VR Headset is integral to the Psychology component of HELP so it is not suitable to offer a programme excluding it) 

*Travel costs for assessment and therapy programmes are passed on to the funder at cost and are based on £5 per 5 minutes of travel. This is capped at 120 minutes for assessment and 90 minutes for therapy.

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