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Occupational Therapy-SROT

SROT (Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy)

What is this?

Think Therapy 1st have developed a Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy (SROT) approach, providing an individualised, holistic, interactive and face to face rehabilitation programme, delivered in the client’s home, or wherever they need it!

Think Therapy 1st only use qualified and highly experienced SROT’s to deliver the rehabilitation which always focuses on restoring function. This empowers the client to adapt to their long-term injury/disability by focusing purely on a practical return to their previous activities and ensuring they have a sense of control over their situation. This means input can be short lived, strictly time bound and easily costed, with maximum long-term benefits for the client and although usually delivered face to face, remote sessions can be utilised effectively with some clients.

How do we do this?

Think Therapy 1st use projects to overarch interventions, sessions are given meaning and therapeutic value. Whilst providing a balance of challenge and accomplishment, projects are a unique and rewarding way to effectively deliver therapy with amazing results. Being goal-led and outcome focused, Think Therapy 1st never do anything for the client that they can do for themselves. This empowers them to reclaim their life and manage their own case, making ourselves effectively redundant by the end of our intervention! Think Therapy 1st can commission, coordinate and manage all third parties required as part of a multidisciplinary approach but will ultimately educate the client to do this themselves (if possible), giving them lifelong independence. If this is not possible, Think Therapy 1st will optimise their independence and make recommendations for appropriate additional services to address this.

How do we prove this?

Utilising specialist clinical assessments Think Therapy 1st measure physical, psychological/emotional, and cognitive function as well as pain levels, sleep quality and their current environments. Using these Think Therapy 1st can clearly measure and evidence improvement, reporting to the client and referrers via concise monthly reports, and withdrawing as soon as goals have been achieved.

EVERY client, EVERY injury and EVERY rehab journey are different, but Think Therapy 1st always aim to keep it simple and transparent. 

SROT - Pricing (Programmes will often include a number of months in each level and will be provided in the order best suited to the client’s needs to ensure a truly bespoke rehabilitation provision.)

Rehabilitation Needs Assessment (RNA*)  

A face-to-face assessment in the client’s home environment to provide valuable insights into their needs and rehabilitation barriers. Identification of rehabilitation interventions and therapy intensity alongside any third-party requirements to enable your client to achieve personal and therapy goals. Proposed providers, costs and timescales included.

Environmental Change Intervention  

Intense clinical support to arrange an environment ready for relocation or return from hospital, arranging major adaptions, equipment, care providers and coordinating acute, community and voluntary resources. Preparing the client and/or caregivers mentally and physically to manage the transition and be ready to start the next stage of rehab.

Crisis Intervention (usually no more than 3 months)  

A short-term package of intensive support required in exceptional and largely unforeseencircumstances where a client is deemed at significant risk or there is a breakdown of support network e.g. homelessness, abuse or mental or physical health emergencies. In these scenarios considerable time may be required outside of Think Therapy 1st's therapeutic delivery model to coordinate services and support the client to enable further functional rehabilitation to continue or be maintained and/or fulfil the duty of care to ensure the client is safe in collaboration with statutory services.

High Intensity Rehabilitation  

Up to 5 sessions per week to deliver bespoke functional restoration via a personalised, goal orientated rehabilitation programme delivered by a SROT. Regular activity-based sessions. Assessment and facilitation of equipment. Training of family and carers. Liaison, training and support for employers or educational providers where appropriate. MDT coordination.

Medium Intensity Rehabilitation  

Up to 2 sessions a week as above. Work hardening activities and liaison for return to work, education or training/contributing to Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs). MDT coordination. Developing client's/parent/caregivers self-efficacy and autonomy within intervention.

Low Intensity Rehabilitation  

Up to 1 weekly session as above. Strong focus on self-led activities between sessions. Liaison with employers and return to work co-ordination including sessions in the workplace where appropriate. Liaison with education as required but with focus on parents/caregivers as experts on their child’s needs for the future. Increased MDT coordination facilitated by client or parent/caregiver.


Weekly contact with some face-to-face, and some remote contact depending on the individuals' needs.

*Travel costs for assessment and therapy programmes are passed on to the funder at cost and are based on £5 per 5 minutes of travel. This is capped at 120 minutes for assessment and 90 minutes for therapy.

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