Nationwide Occupational Therapy, All Ages, All Injuries


Who are Think Therapy 1st?

Think Therapy 1st is a nationwide Occupational Therapy company specialising in providing rehabilitation and case coordination services to clients who have sustained injuries. Our experienced team works with individuals of all ages and injuries, ensuring personalised and effective treatment plans that support recovery and achieve your client’s goals.


Are you case managers?

No, we are not case managers. However, as highly skilled Occupational Therapists (OTs), we excel in organising and coordinating multidisciplinary teams. OTs play a crucial role in aligning the goals of other professionals with the clients wishes.
At Think Therapy 1st, our Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist (SROT) ensure that skills learned in therapies such as physiotherapy are seamlessly integrated into your client’s daily routines. This involves demonstrating how to apply these skills in different environments and contexts, whereby your clients can confidently utilise them wherever needed. This approach equips your clients with effective strategies tailored to their specific needs and enhances the achievement and maintenance of their goals.


Do you complete initial needs assessments?

Yes, a local Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist (SROT), specialising in your client’s injury, conducts an Initial Needs Assessment (which we refer to as a Rehabilitation Needs Assessment) in their home. This comprehensive assessment typically takes 2-3 hours and evaluates your client’s pre-injury capabilities compared to their current situation. If appropriate, the SROT will also consult with a family member to understand any impact on the family unit. During the assessment, the SROT keeps a close eye on your client to ensure their comfort and well-being throughout the process. Using a combination of structured questions, clinical assessments, and observation, the SROT identifies any barriers hindering your client post injury. Within 10 working days after the assessment, a detailed report outlining recommendations and associated costs is provided to the referring party. Additionally, the SROT who conducted the assessment can be available for a video call with the referring parties to discuss recommendations and address any questions you may have.

How quickly can you complete an INA?

Typically, an Initial Needs Assessment (Rehabilitation Needs Assessment) can be completed within 2 weeks after receiving your instruction, depending on your client’s availability.  If a quicker assessment is required, please inform us, and we will strive to accommodate your request.

Do you work with case managers?

Yes, at Think Therapy 1st, we have extensive experience collaborating under the instruction of case managers whereby they are coordinating the multi-disciplinary team. We work closely with case managers to integrate our Specialised Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy seamlessly into the overall rehabilitation plan, providing comprehensive rehabilitation to your clients.

Do you work under single or joint instruction?

At Think Therapy 1st, we are experienced in working under both single and joint instruction. Our model includes monthly update reports that detail your client’s rehabilitation progress, goal progress and achievements during the review period, and any identified barriers.

Why would I choose Think Therapy 1st rather than a case manager or other rehab providers?

The decision between Think Therapy 1st and others depends on your client’s specific needs. At Think Therapy 1st, we specialise in targeted rehabilitation that prioritises restoring function across the multidisciplinary team. This approach can complement other community-based rehabilitation, which usually starts with adaptive and compensatory techniques.

By focusing on restoring function, we support your client to develop independence with structured support, enabling clear expectations of progress. Feedback from customers “if I want my client to get back to feeling like themselves again, I refer them to Think Therapy 1st. They’ve never failed to do that”, (claimant solicitor). Once foundational areas are established, any ongoing challenges can be addressed using compensatory and adaptive techniques. If your client requires additional support beyond these stages, Think Therapy 1st can provide this through our Key Working service or support in the form of a personal assistant, support worker or long-term case management service, tailored to your clients specific needs.