Nationwide Occupational Therapy, All Ages, All Injuries

Why Us

Why Us?

At Think Therapy 1st we understand how challenging it can be to find the best rehabilitation for your clients. As clinicians, we’ve experienced frustration with the limitations of statutory rehabilitation services. It was these challenges that led to the founding of Think Therapy 1st over a decade ago.


Founded and still owned by social worker Mark Willis, Think Therapy 1st is driven by a mission: to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals recovering from injury. Your clients are our top priority – we listen and genuinely care.


To deliver the highest quality rehabilitation across the UK, Think Therapy 1st use local Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapists (SROTs) ensuring that regardless of area, your clients receive consistent evidence based, creative, and innovative rehabilitation.


Bespoke rehabilitation is crucial for your clients to regain their independence and return to the roles and activities that are important to them. This fuels our goal to expand our network of SROTs. Through meticulous selection and retention practices, we ensure a team with local expertise who can tailor rehabilitation programs to your clients' specific injuries and goals.


The in-house team at Think Therapy 1st is made up of clinical and administrative staff who take the time to understand your clients, managing everything from setting up services to filing clinical notes. This ensures seamless communication between everyone involved in your client’s recovery.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Individuals take control of their rehab journey. We’re here to give them the tools and knowledge they need to get back to their lives feeling strong and confident. TT1st does this by moving beyond a person’s injuries so they can reclaim their place in their community. 

Our Values

Accountability - Balance - Commitment - Communication - Empowerment - Fun -

Impact - Teamwork - Responsive - Professional Excellence - Learning - Integrity

Think Therapy 1st is a company that prides itself on delivering excellent Occupational Therapy enabling clients to live THEIR life, THEIR way.  

We believe the client is the expert in their own recovery
We empower the client to fully understand the rehabilitation process, enabling them to take back control of their lives maximising their future wellbeing
We believe in open, honest and realistic practices
We do what we say we will, when we say we will, for the price we say we will
We believe in team work
We work seamlessly with other agencies and professionals to offer a comprehensive MDT approach

Our Unique Approach

Our Specialist Rehabilation Occupational Therapists (SROTs) use dynamic, multifaceted and meaningful activities to restore the highest possible level of function in people with physical, psychological and cognitive difficulties. Our interventions are highly effective, with one activity often fulfilling the same role as 3 or 4 traditional exercises

Delivered in the clients' home, or wherever they need it(!), we only use qualified and highly experienced SROTs to deliver the rehabilitation

Focusing on empowering the individual to become their own case/life manager means our input can be short lived, strictly time bound and easily costed. We never do anything for the client that they can do for themselves

We can commission, coordinate and manage all third parties required as part of a multidisciplinary approach but will ultimately train the client to do this themselves, giving them lifelong independence

Client Testimony

Client's Partner

Steph is brilliant. She totally understands the medical side of things, but also the practical and emotional impacts. She cues my partner and watches him, notices where he struggles and then - having gently pointed out the issue - provides 'life hacks’ to help him find ways around whatever the problem is. 

I reckon the service you provide is like a mental version of a crutch or walking frame. You start by really supporting my partner, teach him some tricks to have a go with out that support for a while, send him into the world to practice them, then note the results, review and redesign as necessary.

In short - you are a lifesaver. And thank you for it.