Think Therapy 1st meeting rehabilitation needs during litigation and setting up for long term post-litigation

Because every client deserves the best.

Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy for your clients with severe & life changing injuries. Expert rehabilitation, sustainable results. Partnering for client success.

Think Therapy 1st meeting rehabilitation needs during litigation and setting up for long term post-litigation

Nationwide Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation

and Case Co-Ordination

All Ages, All Injuries

At Think Therapy 1st, we understand the challenges you face in ensuring your clients receive the best personalised rehabilitation. 

By focusing on the practical return to self care, productivity and leisure activities on average your clients achieve 91% of personal goals and 97% of therapy goals. 

Sessions are activity-based, in which the Specialist Rehabilation Occupational Therapist (SROT) uses creative activities to work on several goals within one activity. Your client's SROT will have a detailed understanding of your client's injuries, the impact of any medical conditions and how their environment impacts all these.
The SROT will gradually increase the complexity of activities, ensuring your client gains a sense of achievement in each session. This progressive approach helps them develop sustainable ways to return to their desired role/responsibility in any environment.

Upon instruction Think Therapy 1st can collaborate with case managers or create and co-ordinate a multi-disciplinary team. As rehabilitation advances, through the Think Therapy 1st approach, clients regain ability and confidence to independently manage all or some aspects of their daily lives any persistent challenges are addressed by an individualised ongoing support plan through our Key Working service upon agreement. 

Brain Injury
Complex Trauma
Children & Young Adults
Spinal Injury
Upper Limb
Vocational Rehabilitation
Housing & Adaptions
MDT Coordination & Support
Client Journeys

Have a look at some of our amazing client stories and find out how they achieved living THEIR lives, THEIR way.

Jada's Story

“Before rehabilitation, I couldn’t see my life beyond school...I passed my exams and secured a place at The Royal College of Music!"

Vocational Client Stories

Through engaging clients in vocational tasks, Think Therapy 1st is supporting countless people to exceed expectations in their recovery and fulfil their goals

Sue's Story

“Life has changed dramatically as a result of the accident, I can't do my day-to-day things like I used to be able to. I have to rely on other people to help me, get me where I need to go and su