THEIR Progress, OUR Passion

At Think Therapy 1st we're doing things differently.

Think Therapy 1st offers a unique model of rehabilitation which is different to traditional Case Management based services. By offering hands on functional occupational therapy (at in-home, community and vocational settings) as well as Multidisciplinary Team coordination (if required and no Case Manager is involved) Think Therapy 1st accelerates your clients' progress. This approach gives outcomes that are results focused, meaning your clients leave us living THEIR life THEIR way. Think Therapy's 1st's holistic approach ensures all skills and strategies utilised during therapy, eg. psychological, physical and emotional are transferrable to your clients' own environments - be it within their own home, on the bus, at the supermarket or at work.

THEIR Progress, OUR Passion

Companies we are working with

Nationwide Occupational Therapy,
All Ages, All Injuries

The Think Therapy 1st Approach

Nationwide Specialist Occupational Therapists
Hands-on therapy in their home, work, and wherever they need to be
Creation of a personalised Multidisciplinary team: the right people, at the right time, in the right place
Targeted therapy to optimize independence
Long lasting impact - skills to tackle future situations
THEIR Progress, OUR Passion
We guarantee to tell you within the first 3 months of therapy if progress and goal achievement is not being made, and we’ll suggest a way forward, even if that’s not us.
What makes us different?

A nationwide network of Specialist and Consultant Occupational therapists available across the country with experience in Brain and Spinal Injury, Complex Trauma, Amputee, Paediatric, Pain, Fatigue and Anxiety ready to ensure your client has access to the support they need.

About Us

Think Therapy 1st is a Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy company that prides itself on delivering excellent outcomes


We use an holisitic assessment approach to evaluate the persons physical, psychological and cognitive skills, in the context of their own

Road To Recovery
How do we do this?
Specialists In All Areas

By focusing on the practical return to previous activities.
Sessions are activity-based, whereby the SROT uses creative activities to work on several goals within one activity. Your client's highly skilled SROT will have a detailed understanding of their injuries, the impact of any medical conditions and how their environment impacts all these. The SROT will grade each activity so that the client gains a sense of achievement in each session, which progresses in complexity until the client has developed a sustainable way to return to that role/responsibility in ANY environment... because we don’t just experience fatigue or pain at home.

At the start of therapy, clients often benefit from the SROT arranging and coordinating their rehabilitation and ongoing medical appointments. As rehabilitation advances, through the Think Therapy 1st approach, clients regain the ability and confidence to independently navigate and handle all or some aspects of their daily life.

Brain Injury
Complex Trauma
Children & Young Adults
Spinal Injury
Upper Limb
Vocational Rehabilitation
Housing & Adaptions
MDT Coordination & Support
Client Journeys

Have a look at some of our amazing client stories and find out how they achieved living THEIR lives, THEIR way.

Jada's Story

“Before rehabilitation, I couldn’t see my life beyond college. I thought about my future, and it was just black... Now, I have faith in my own abilities, and I know I can overcome anything...

Vocational Client Stories

Through engaging clients in vocational tasks, Think Therapy 1st is supporting countless people to exceed expectations in their recovery and fulfil their goals...

Sue's Story

“Life has changed dramatically as a result of the accident, I can't do my day-to-day things like I used to be able to. I have to rely on other people to help me, get me where I need to go and su...

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Ever dreamed of taking the reins of your occupational therapy practice? Are you yearning to enhance your occupational therapy skills? Interested in developing your entrepreneurship but fearing the unknown, or just don't know where to start? Do you know where to begin with all things legal and financial, when setting up your own business?... Then look no further! Think Therapy 1st invites you to a FREE webinar that could be a catalyst for your professional development.

Think Therapy 1st are specialists in Occupational Therapy rehabilitation for clients of all ages, injuries and levels resulting from personal injury or clinical negligence. This half day webinar will enable you to discover the world of independent practice as an Occupational Therapist specialising in pure functional rehab. We'll guide you through the Think Therapy 1st model, showcasing the benefits of working with us as an associate, whilst providing advice to assist you to navigate legal/financial considerations, sales and marketing.

What to expect:

  • Explore the independent practice landscape with Think Therapy 1st
  • Learn about the benefits of collaborating with us as an associate
  • Dive into the Think Therapy 1st model for pure functional rehabilitation
  • Gain insights into the legal, finaincial, sales and marketing aspects of independent practice

Date & Time: Friday 12th January 9am-12noon

Location: Online from the comfort of your own space